Recipe: Scallops & Shrimp with Bread Crumbs

I’m not a big fan of scallops, but I do like shrimp. So after having a morning discussion we decided to give them a chance in the steam oven to see how they came out.

We ran out to a local grocery store and there weren’t any fresh ones, so we decided to purchase a bag of frozen scallops, and a bag of frozen shrimp (about $10 total), along with a box of Ritz crackers to make bread crumbs with. We also purchased a box of rice pilaf to go with it.

The rice was cooked first, which took the regular 40-minutes on the rice recipe. We added two cups of water to the solid pan along with the contents of the rice package and put it in to get things going.

We then took a roll of ritz crackers and put them into a bowl, added two tablespoons of butter, and began mashing the crackers up until they were evenly crushed and mixed with the butter. We then sprayed down the preferated dishes with cooking spray, and added the scallops evenly in the big preferated pan. We then dumped the shrimp into each of the two small pans, more or less dividing the bag in half. I also turned on our regular oven and set it to “broil”, which I’ll get to later on.

My experience with shrimp had been about 6 minutes for good results, although frozen had been more like 8-minutes. For scallops the “Masterchef” menu had them listed for about 8-minutes. So with 13-minutes to go for the rice (I had added about 5 minutes because the fish was frozen since the screen recommends cooking times for thawed fish). I then went ahead and inserted both the scallops and shrimp together because the shrimp seemed a bit more frozen and closed the door.

After the oven finished, we took them out and sprinkled the bread crumbs accross each scallop and accross the pan. We then did the same with the shrimp, and then took all three pans over to the oven and put them on the top rack under the broiler for 3-minutes.

They were delicious. The shrimp were tender and the bread crumbs helped add some flavor, while the scallops were moist (although I’m sure would have been better fresh) and were also complimented well by the bread crumbs. That along with the rice made it a nice inexpenisve meal, and looked as good as some of the restaurants I had been to.

You can obviously make your own modifications to what rice you want along with how you make your breadcrumbs, but hopefully you found this recipe useful.

Recipe: Haddock with Zucchini

One of my favorite foods is haddock. I love it, can’t get enough of it, and order it every time I go to one of the local seafood restaurants. Usually I order it fried (which is obviously delicious) although there have been other times where I’ve ordered it baked and stuffed which I prefer, but it’s tough to find a restaurant that does a good job in preparing it. I’ve also been married nearly 14-years, and I’ve never made it at home because I was concerned about ruining it.

So after the results I got in making the salmon, I decided to go to my local grocery store and order some fresh fillets from their seafood department. I had it skinned and ordered two pound (four fillets), and also picked up a zucchini and a lemon to go along with it.

After returning we sprayed down the preferated pans with some cooking spray, laying the haddock in the pans. We sprinkled some lemon pepper accross each of the filets, covering them evenly. We then cut the zucchini and layed it in between each filet, and also included a couple of pieces of lemon for flavor in each pan.

Going into the Masterchef menu I selected Haddock, “Fillets” and entered the weight, which gave me a cooking time of 4-minutes at which point the machine went into it’s preheat. While it was doing this I went over and turned on the broiler on our oven for later on, which I’ll mention later.

After a few minutes the machine beeped and we inserted all three pans and closed the door. As you probably will notice the temperature will drop, and then eventually recover before the cooking begins. Not a big deal, as it doesn’t seem to present too much of an issue to the final results of the food. At least not in anything that I’ve prepared previously.

When the haddock was done we took it out, and immediately sprinkled some bread crumbs accross each fillet. We then put each pan on the top rack of our oven under the broiler, and left them in for 3-minutes, just long enough to brown them. When the time was up we took them out and served them.

The haddock was extremely tender and moist, and was perfect. It was just like I’ve had at the best restaurants, and was cooked all the way through, which was one of the things I was skeptical about. It was absolutely delicious. Now I’ll mention previously that I attempted to cook these like we did with the salmon recipe, adding the filets with about 5-minutes left to go while making rice. I wouldn’t reccomend this because one thing I didn’t realize is that haddock is cooked at a lower temperature than the rice, so it actually came out kind of tough the first time I made it.

But this time it was a perfect low calorie meal, and one that I made for less than $14 which actually fed four people. Needless to say where else can you eat this good for $3.50 per person? Just one more reason to help justify its price tag.

Recipe: Marinated Chicken Breasts with Red Potatoes and Zucchini

One of the things I really hadn’t gotten into but was very curious to try was cooking chicken in this steam oven. I had been told by my local Miele representative that meats don’t brown in this oven, so it’s not a bad idea to try marinated meats for better visual results.

So after purchasing a two pound marinated split chicken breast (boneless) we placed it on the solid pan, along with some small red potatoes. After following the instructions in the Masterchef Menu, the recipe was set for 212-degrees for 18-minutes.

I had forgotten to check the cooking times for potatoes, but figured I’d go ahead and try them with the chicken’s preset time to see how they came out.

With about 6-minutes left I opened the door and inserted the preferated dish in which we had cut up the zucchini and placed the wedges in the dish.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The potatoes probably could have gone in for another 5-minutes or so to make them a little softer, but the chicken was absolutely moist and delicious with plenty of flavor. It was extremely tender, which was good because I was cutting it with a plastic knife which did the job just fine. This is probably one of the easiest dinners for a family of four, as it fed four of us just fine at a cost of just $11.00 in a matter of just 18-minutes (although I’d put the potatoes in first for five minutes earlier in a preferated pan for better results).